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Supplements that actually work, and FAST, to fix the integrity of the membrane in your mouth. It’s the quality of manufacture and the vitamin and mineral combination that’s important. That’s the good news and it’s in the ebook. And there’s a longer term strategy for fixing what you eat and how you live to beat these suckers for good.
You’ll get your first eBook – FYM – straight away. This is site is only days old and I am madly working on the others in the series. As soon as they are ready I will send them to you. For FREE.
Loads – why you have recurrent canker sores or mouth ulcers, how to use supplements that will actually work and how to take them so you SLEEP well and heal along with other things, how to eat your way out of this mess without gaining an eating disorder, food lists, menu ideas, oral hygiene and lifestyle tips for making your mouth nachos proof.
Coming soon – First Aid Food, No More Canker Kids, Sleep The Great Healer, Could I be Hurting Me… etc etc etc
Because living with the power and confidence to know that if I just follow these easy steps my ulcers will not return is simply awesome. Living pain free for months on end has been a revelation. This was something I had to achieve on my own. Yet it was so easy and simple I’m frustrated that it took so long. Can you imagine getting all of those days and nights back when you were miserable or missed out on certain yummy experiences because your mouth was stuffed? I don’t want you or me to waste another day.
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